Tips to Pack and Load Moving Truck

To pack a moving truck by your self requires a lot of skill to use a maximum of the truck space, prevent your stuff from damage and balance the moving truck for long distance moves. We have compiled a list of some fundamental rules that will help you to pack your stuff in more efficient way.

  • Always try to load the largest and the heaviest items first. Load from left to right and always try to place those items against the cab wall.
  • You can stack items by placing on top of each other. You can put a lighter item on a heavy item but never put a heavy item on top of a lighter item. Always wrap the pads or quilts.
  • As you complete the first row from left to right, start filling the small gaps with non-breakable items that can be shaped to accommodate space on the truck. Things like clothes in a bag, stuffed animals, pillows, blankets and similar are the best fit to fill the small gaps. Always remember heavy boxes go towards the bottom and lighter boxes towards the top.
  • Always remember to load from left to right and floor to ceiling. Try to continue to load furniture and boxes into tiers.
  • Be generous with padding to avoid scratches, gouges, and broken items.
  • Before loading the furniture, disassemble all the furniture such as kitchen tables, bed frames, headboards, footboards, entertainment centers, and dressing mirrors.
  • You should put dressing draws and filing cabinets draws back in to place to save more space.
  • When large and heavy items are loaded on the truck, utilize mattresses and box spring to a wall of and secure the tiers. Place mirrors and paintings between the mattress and box spring are recommended as the safest location.
  • If you have rope or straps or cord, use it throughout the process to keep items safe and secure. While strapping it all in at the end is as important as to secure the items as you load.
  • Keep gas operated items like weed eaters, and lawnmowers on the truck floor. Make sure such things are covered with tarp or plastic sheeting and away from fabric items.
  • If you are moving motorbikes, riding lawn mowers or small ATVs, to secure the items while moving use strong moving straps, and ensure they stay in place during transit.
  • Make sure that the route you choose from the door to moving trailer is obstacle-free.
  • In Arizona if youre planning for out of state moves, consider finding Professional movers AZ. This would actually reduce your efforts.

So, after reading this you will surely utilize a maximum of the truck space, reach the destination safely and prevent your stuff from any damage.