Moving Company Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does a move cost?
    Weight, manpower involved and distance to be covered are the basic factor on which cost of a move is involved. Moving cost within the town usually based on an hourly basis, whereas moving other side of the country is based on the weight. The best option is to visit and just request a free quote for an estimate.
  2. How to start packing before its time to move?
    Packing for a short vacation might not be difficult, but packing to move your residence or office to another can be horrible! Remember to arrange proper moving boxes. On The Move offers special packing services at discounted rates. Also cover your furniture from any material to prevent any type of dirt getting over it. Start packing early to prevent any delay.
  3. Are my belonging fully insured during the move?
    Most of the long distance movers insurance policies dont cover your belongings while you move. On the Move has a $50,000 cargo insurance, which provides fully insured policy to protect your valuables.
  4. Will you provide packing materials for my belongings?
    We provide all the basic material for your move, also full packing services are provided to meet your needs and budget.
  5. Can I pack and move my plants?
    Usually the stress and heat of being inside the moving truck causes the plants to die. So, most of the moving companies will not carry your plants. Many of the states also dont admit moving your plants under such conditions. On The Move representative will advise to move your plants in your own vehicle.
  6. What size of moves can you handle?
    We handle all sizes of moves, which starts from small box moves to warehouses, offices and any type of commercial moves.
  7. Can you move us after business hours?
    We provide moving services 24/7, by facilitating customers with services any day and any time to ensure your business optimum operations.
  8. Do you provide storage facility?
    While relocating some time your new home isnt ready, storage for your belongings may still be needed - whether its few boxes or an entire set of furniture. On the Move provides storage facilities at discounted rates.
  9. Do you offer any moving discounts?
    Yes, we offer many discount services occasionally on our website. Keep following us on Facebook and Google Plus to stay updated with the latest discount and special packages.
  10. Do you provide out of state mover services from AZ?
    Along with providing short distance mover services with in Gilbert, Mesa and Chandler, we also provide out of state movers services. Whereas the price of the services depends upon the distance and specified time period required for the delivery.
  11. How do I report a commercial complaint?
    On The Moves are the professional movers in AZ providing moving services in Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert and out of state movers services. To report any complaint regarding the service or to provide us with your valuable suggestions call us at (480)747-0299